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The science, art and writing (SAW) initiative breaks down traditional barriers between the arts and sciences.

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Through creative use of science in the classroom, SAW inspires artistic and scientific endeavour. Children realise that science and the arts are interconnected – and they discover new and exciting ways of looking at the world.

SAW projects are accessible to all ages and abilities. They stimulate exploration, enquiry and creativity. And they are fun!

“This project has a life of its own. It has captured the imaginations of not only my colleagues, but my students and their students and schools.”
Louise Swiniarski, Professor of Education, Salem State College, US

“We need innovative approaches to helping pupils see that science is a creative way of understanding the universe and ourselves. See Saw does this in a way that is both beautiful and powerful.”
Michael Reiss, Professor of Science Education at the Institute of Education, University of London

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