SAW Showcase

Taking research science into schools

In 2008, SAW took research science from renowned institutes the John Innes Centre and the Institute of Food Research into schools. Funded by the BBSRC and Society in Science, 15 projects took place, covering topics as diverse as soil bacteria, photosynthesis, natural products, fractals, DNA, GM, emulsions and the human gut. Read the review in School Science Review.

The children and teachers involved were delighted to be working with practising scientists on topical issues, and the scientists appreciated taking their science into the community and seeing it from a new angle.

The series resulted in a fantastic new book showcasing the best work from each of the schools. It gives an excellent overview of the science covered and the children’s responses.

£15 + £2.50 postage
SAW Showcase
£15 + £2.50 postage
SAW is truly inspirational. The children’s work is really outstanding, and I am very impressed by the quality of the poetry and artwork in this book. As someone who has not specialised in science I can also add that I have learned a lot and quite simply had not previously been exposed to the beauty of science.
David White Chief Executive, Norfolk County Council
What would have made the day better? If you had stayed longer. And if we had stayed longer.
Chloe Whiterod Age 10, Great Ellingham Primary School
I liked the poems best because they were very exciting.
Eleanor Bridge Age 10, Great Ellingham Primary School
The SAW process is truly innovative in bringing together scientists, artists and writers to inspire both teachers and children to communicate their science imaginatively. The results from children across the primary age range is inspirational and this collection shows how curious minds are harnessed to develop children’s creative potential in science.
Rosemary Feasey Past Chair Association for Science Education