Developed by OpenPlant scientists from across the University of Cambridge, Norwich Research Park, and beyond, this FREE-to-use resource, SynBio 4 Schools, aims to inspire and educate the next generation of biological engineers.

With a focus on plant science, the materials and activities provided within the resource cover under-represented topics in synthetic biology, while complementing the national curriculum and existing teaching resources.


What’s included


The SynBio 4 Schools booklet, which includes a full introduction to the resource, step-by-step activity instructions, and supplementary information, is also accompanied by a teacher briefing document to help teachers and schools, identify activities relevant to each stage of the curriculum.

 SynBio 4 Schools contains guides to the following activities:

  • Building DNA circuits – construct gene circuits to solve problems.
  • Generating electricity from plants – build a plant microbial fuel cell (pMFC).
  • What can viruses do for you? – build virus structures for different applications.
  • Natural product synthesis – match up the organisms and the natural products.

Download the resources:

  • Synbio 4 Schools Booklet
  • SynBio 4 Schools Teacher Notes
  • SynBio 4 Schools Information Flyer

Additional information


 During this video, Paolo Bombelli talks you through the steps of how to build your own. pMFC.